Finally! A Hudson Valley promposal!

April through June are usually prime months for end of the year formals as well as high school prom for juniors and seniors. "Promposals" are the big new trend when asking a guy or a girl to prom.

Some are extravagant like the Arizona teen who had the courage and the creativity to ask La La Land star Emma Stone to his prom. Unfortunately, she declined. Others are short and super sweet. When I was in high school, the guy who asked me to junior prom asked on AIM. Things have clearly changed.

We received a message from listener Nikki Beers Burton who told us a story about her 3-year-old son Wade. Wade's older sister Mackenzie is a junior and plays on the Pine Plains Bombers Varsity Softball team. According to Nikki, all the girls on the team love Wade (something to do with those killer dimples) and that's where he met Cathryn.

Prom season came around and Cathryn, who is the Bombers catcher, said she wouldn't go to prom unless she could go with Wade. Cathryn and Mackenzie thought it would be fun if Wade could actually go to prom, so they asked a teacher and, to their surprise, the teacher said yes!

Credit: Nikki Beers Burton
Credit: Nikki Beers Burton

The plan was in motion and Wade was ready to ask Cat to prom. He made his sign and showed up to the Bombers home game on Wednesday. Cat had a stellar game, hitting a game winning home run. Things got better when Wade took the field Watch it all go down below:

We hear Wade is extremely excited to get into his tux and head to prom. Hopefully we'll get an update in the next few weeks and see Wade and Cat head to prom at Pine Plains.


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