Who does something like this?

If you missed it on the show this morning, I was talking about how last night I was making my kids lunch for school and my 11 year old daughter Julianna asked if she could help me with packing up their lunches. Of course I said yes and told her that she could be in charge of making the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for her and her brother Jackson.

I got her all set up with the bread, the jelly and of course the peanut butter. So as she stared to make the sandwiches she went into the silverware drawer and grabbed a spoon and started to make the sandwich with the spoon to spread the peanut butter. A SPOON!! I stopped her and said what are you doing? She says that using a spoon is easier.

After bringing it up on the show today I was blown away with the amount of people that called in to let me know that using a spoon is the best way to spread peanut butter or any condiment you put on a sandwich.

When you make a sandwich, what do you use to put it on the bread or bun? Call the show 845-473-9431 or let us know on Facebook.

Here is how to make a PB&J in 30 seconds (with a knife)...

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