One small, unimportant, topic can send our whole show into a complete tailspin.

This morning CJ and I were discussing the new Starbucks promotion "Meet for Macchiatos." The promotion is in honor of National Best Friend Day which is apparently this week. CJ and I started listing people that we would love to have coffee with, someone that we could see ourselves being best friends with. I went straight to the celebrities, Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert and so on. CJ went the entrepreneur route naming Warren Buffet and throwing in Eric Church as an option as well.

We both agreed that we wouldn't really want to talk to any politicians. CJ suggested President Trump, which I said no to, but when CJ said Hillary Clinton I made a joke that I would go for a hike with her because that's all she does here in the Hudson Valley.

My mother, who is very passionate about basically everything, didn't like what me and CJ had to say so she called in and gave us a piece of her mind:

I think my mom is lashing out because I'm finally moving out of her basement and she's going to miss me.


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