Popsicles aren't just for kids anymore. Everyone has gotten into to the popsicle craze this summer. Delish and Tito's Vodka have offered up this amazing twist on the popsicle and the Bloody Mary just in time for your fourth of July Brunch.

With a little bit of planning and some patience your could be serving your adult party goers a taste frozen treat. Popsicles are always a summer favorite and as much as we enjoy the kid flavors why not create a few for the adults. Sadly, I don't see these coming to the local Ice Cream truck any time soon but who knows with the food truck trends growing each year there is hope that an Adult Frozen Treat Truck and it weird music could be coming to a corner near your someday in the future.

Other variations on summer's frozen treat include Gin and even Prosecco. Check out 21 different popsicles and frozen treats you can make this summer for your over 21 guests.

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