All week long I have been hearing people talk about how now that the weather is cooler they can turn on the oven again. I too am excited that the temperatures and humidity have dropped enough that I can put something in the oven. It is really one of my favorite fall rituals - The First Baked Potato since march. Okay maybe April, I tend to exaggerate.

Football starting this past Thursday had me ready to put all kinds of foods in the oven to bake. Actually, truth be told I put pigs in the blanket in last weekend for a Labor Day outing and since then I can't stop turning on the oven. So what is the first thing you put in the oven in the fall?

Cookies and cakes seem to be the thing most people said when I set out on my casual extremely unofficial survey. However, I did also get responses that included cup cakes, lasagna, mac and cheese, nachos and of course one person said casserole but not tuna, chicken.

I was surprised I was the only baked potato, not even a potato skin. I figure it is because there are so many other ways to have potatoes. Also some people are still in Potato Salad mode. I figure as we get closer to October there will be more potato baking and hopefully by then I can say I cooked my first Roast Beef.

Happy baking in the oven again. And if you think bake Potatoes are a boring potato dish check out Delish's 35 plus Best Baked Potato Recipes.

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