Living in the Hudson Valley means sharing space with all kinds of creatures. You can expect to have birds in your yard. You may even have snakes hanging around in the garden. There is also a chance if you live near the woods that you have a neighborhood bear.

Living around all of these wild animals has become more common in our area now that we all are more concerned about our environment. Coyotes, deer and even wild turkey have become more common place in many parts of the Hudson Valley even in  neighborhoods that are more populated.

Spring is right around the corner. This means our yards will be full of song birds and wood chucks. Our local kills, streams and ponds will fill with the sound of peepers. But what about the animals that are with us all year round. The ones our neighbors call pets or livestock.

Recently, more and more people have been raising traditional farm animals off the farm. They have set up what I like to call a neighborhood farm-ette. A mini farm in their yard with a collection of farm animals. Chances are someone in your neighborhood has done this too.

Scroll through the gallery below and see how many of the nine animals we included in our list are actually a neighbor of yours. I guarantee you have at least one living close by if not right next door and I am not counting the cat or the dog.

9 Animals That Live Next Door

People in the Hudson Valley keep a lot of interesting pets and animals at the house. Chances are you live next door to more than one of these animals. You might even have all of them in your neighborhood.

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