With the weather around the Hudson Valley turning and warmer temperatures rolling in, the fairweather hikers are coming out of hibernation.

For Hudson Valley folks, that means battling all of our neighbors from the New York City area for a parking spot. In some places, it also means making reservations for your next hiking adventure. 

Whether you're an experienced hiker or new to the hiking world, there may be a situation in which you lose your way. Getting turned around while out in the middle of the woods can be a scary experience.

We've read hundreds of stories from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation that share stories of hikers losing their way and having to call Forest Rangers and DEC Officers for assistance.

If you find yourself lost on a trail there are certain actions you can take that will make it easier for you to be found when help is near.

The Los Angeles Times shared a helpful list of "6 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Being Found."

Here's how they break it down:

1. Stop Moving- According to the LA Times, professional hikers tell you to stop your forward momentum and "Hug a tree" to collect your thoughts.
2. Call For Help- Make sure you have a fully charged phone. If you have an iPhone, the compass app can come in handy giving you your exact coordinates when you call in for help.
3.Be Visible- Barbara Fortini, of the Sierra Madre Search and Rescue Team, says to blow a whistle. 3 whistle blows signals an emergency. Fortini also recommends going to an open area where you can see a lot of sky.

4.Light Signal- Make sure you bring some kind of light source with you, whether is your cell phone light or a headlamp.
5.The Essentials- Of course, food and water are essential. Fortini says you can last many days without food, however, when it comes to water and missing for long periods of time, to drink the water you find even if you didn't bring a purifier.
6. Return to Where You Can Be Seen - They recommend moving away from water sources and rushing water as it may "mask the calls of rescuers."

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