When you think of Ghost Towns, you probably think of the Wild West with dust blowing up in the wind right? Turns out, you don't have to head west to find a ghost town. There are 6 right here in the Hudson Valley.

Earlier this week, photos of the abandoned Frontier Town started making the rounds on social media. The North Hudson, New York amusement park had a pioneer town vibe with saloons and general stores. Parts of it still stand today. If you were to come across the fictional village, you would think it was an actual ghost town.

Adirondack Drone
Adirondack Drone

From Fictional Ghost Towns to Real New York Ghost Towns

There are actual ghost towns that still exist right in the Hudson Valley.

Recently, I came across a list from A-Z Animals.com that breaks down 19 Deserted and Forgotten Towns in New York. Of those 19, 6 towns from the list are right in our own backyard.

Dutchess, Rockland, Putnam, Sullivan and Westchester Counties are all home to their very own Ghost Towns. Have you heard of Doodletown in Rockland County? Or what about Oswego? No, not the town in Upstate New York.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Apparently, there was an Oswego in Dutchess County right near Lagrange. Who knew!?

Take a look at the 6 Hudson Valley Ghost Towns below and let us know if you know any fun facts about their history!


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Speaking of Ghost Towns, remember Frontier Town? It was a Western-themed amusement park in North Hudson, New York. It was a popular tourist destination with covered wagons, wooden rollercoasters and family fun. Sadly, it closed in 1998 but parts of the attraction still stand in 2023.

The abandoned buildings give the former amusement park serious Ghost Town vibes:

Exploring the Abandoned Frontier Town in North Hudson, New York

Adirondack Drone took to the skies and grabbed these snapshots of what's left of the abandoned Frontier Town in North Hudson, New York.

Any conversation about Ghost Towns or abandoned locations always has to be followed up with a shoutout to the Catskill Game Farm right?

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