The COVID 19 outbreak has caused a lot of changes in how we do things in the Hudson Valley.  One of the things that has changed the most is how we eat out. During the Pause we had take out and curbside delivery. In phase one that expanded to more restaurants some of which started serving people in their parking lots like an old fashion car hop. But now we are in phase two and dining has changed again and I think this new dining style might be around for the summer.

It is a wonderful thing that we can now return to our favorite restaurant for a meal even if it means we now get to enjoy that meal only outdoors. I love a good restaurant but dining outside at some restaurants wasn't even considered until now. Even with all the rearranging restaurants have had to do It has actually turning out to be fun for everyone. It is right up there with going back to the drive in movies instead of the indoor theater.  Something you didn't know you'd want to do because no one was doing it but now it's really cool.

So with all this back to the basic old school simple life stuff happening that we want to enjoy I thought it would be good to give you are few reminders to make sure your Al Fresco evening doesn't go bust. Keep these few things in mind when planing to dine out.

1 - Check the Weather - Lately the evenings have been dry and temperatures have been comfortable but all it will take is a pop up thunderstorm or a humid evening to dampen dinner.

2 - Pack Bug Spray - You might not notice it when you first sit down but inevitably at some point during dinner the bugs will start biting and that turn dessert into an itchy event.

3 - Bring Jacket or a Wrap - even on a warm day once the sun goes down, especially if you were out in the sun all day you will feel a chill and be looking for long sleeves.

4 - Pack Handi wipes -  not always a necessity but you will be happy to have them if you suddenly realize the table cloth feels sticky. Consider them the napkin of outdoor dinning.

5 - And Finally wear longer pants or bring something to sit on. Outdoor dining chairs have a habit of doing two things to a person. They either leave a pattern on the back of your legs that you think will never go away or the worst they are made of a material that you end up being stuck to all night. We have all been there when the back of our legs get stuck to the vinyl of the chair, ouch.

Keep these 5 things in mind and dine on Hudson Valley.


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