It's official, we are half way through 2017. Where does the time go? Now that the longest day of the year has passed for those of us in the North East we can start looking towards the year's end, but not so fast. There are still lots of things left to round out this year and I am not talking about Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Taking a quick look back 2017 which brought use a huge snow storm in March you remember Stella. I believe I said "I could be here "til June."

We had Paddy on the River.

We held the first ever North East Outdoor Sports show.

and Taste of Country Music Festival 2017.

So what is waiting for us for the second half of the year? Here is a short list

Orange County Fair - July 13 - 16 and 20 - 23

Ulster County Fair - August 1 - 6

Dutchess County Fair - August 22 - 27

And all of these events only get us to the end of summer. So now that the kids are officially out of school let's plan the family summer vacation and hopefully you can include one or all of these great Hudson Valley Traditions.

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