Thanksgiving Eve is one of the most popular nights to go out of the year. I've experienced some pretty crazy Thanksgiving Eve festivities in the Hudson Valley, however this year I'm taking the night off.

Since I'm not partaking in "Thanksgiving Eve" but most people probably are...I should warn you, you're going to run into a lot of people. Whether you go to Mahoney's or Billy Joes, the Thanksgiving eve crowd will look familiar. Everyone from your past is home visiting for the holidays. You're going to see everyone you graduated High School with. How fun?!

Here are some people you might run into tonight on Thanksgiving Eve:


  • 1

    The Political Correspondent

    You know that one person who still hasn't stopped with the political post since the election? Yeah, you're definitely running into that guy tonight. Have fun trying to navigate away from that debate. Where are the moderators when you need them?

  • 2

    The Facebook Oversharer

    Thanks to social media, you know all about this individual. You know when the went to the gym, the last thing they bought and who they're feuding with. I'm sure you also probably got a request from them to play Candy Crush as some point.

  • 3

    The Athlete

    We all know one. That person from high school who was super athletic and STILL talks about the playoff game they won. Congratulations, here's a vodka cranberry from the well.

  • 4

    The Mom

    In high school it's always kind of hard to imagine your classmates as parents. As time goes on, thanks to social media, you see the evolution of party girl to mom. It's like watching a reality show. You'll run into "the Mom" tonight, the grandparents are watching the kids and she has to leave a little earlier. You walk away feeling a little less accomplished.

  • 5

    The Ex

    I've already swiped past two of my ex's on Bumble/Tinder this week. So you already know there will be an awkward encounter with an ex at some point tonight and you'll probably be three sheets to the wind. For the love of god just walk away.

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