The Humane Society does amazing work and this latest story just adds to their sparkling resume.

Abused abandoned dog in exile

According to ABC7 46 dogs arrived at JFK International Airport on Saturday. The dogs were taken from a farm in Goyang, South Korea. Thanks to the Human Society the dogs were saved from the farm that barely gave the pups the right amount of nutrition to survive. As soon as the dogs landed in the States they were taken to different emergency shelters in New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Kelly O'Meara who handles international projects for the Humane Society says that the dogs were kept in dungeon like situation with very little light and ventilation. According to O'Meara the smell of ammonia "would bring tears to your eyes when you walk through."

Once the dogs are properly examined by the shelters they will be available for adoption. The article states that over 17,000 farms like the one where the dogs were rescued still exist in South Korea where they are later sold for meat. However, the dog meat industry is diminishing in South Korea, but still it is said that meat from two thousand dogs is still eaten there each year.

Lets hope the Humane Society can continue their work saving more dogs as the year goes on.

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