The office place has certainly seen some upgrades since the making of the movie "Office Space". Gone are the days when cubicles divided a work space into a mouse maze. The idea that you would have to tell a co-work to turn down their radio is almost obsolete. Ear buds and Beats head phones have changes that landscape. The radio on the desk has even left the work space, having been replaced by a the digital device that now provide sound to drowned out the unwanted office noise.

Thanks to companies like Google, Facebook and other forward thinking office environment companies the office place has taken on some new traits. Cubicles have comedown, comfy furniture has taken the place of the office chair and kitchens have be installed with state of the art appliances that include vending machines that look like something the Jetsons would have had at their house.

No matter whether your work space is living in the 1990's or the year 2017 a few things still hold true. Common office etiquette still important and a few necessary desk items are still required. If you want to be the popular desk in the office here are a few things that you will need to be the go to space.

A Bowl of Candy - Something fresh and maybe even organic so people feel like they are getting a treat. Avoid the Starlight Mints that might convey you think everyone has bad breathe.

A Stapler - Milton in the movie office space could not be separated from his stapler. Don't be Milton, people still need to borrow a staple even in the paperless office.

Pencils with erasers - Good old number 2 pencils sharpen to a point with erasers that haven't harden beyond use say old school and offer a take away writing tool so you don't have to give up a pen.

And Lastly today's go to desk has the extra phone / digital device charger. If the pencil is old school the charger keeps you current. I am amazed at how many people don't travel with their charger. This item however should probably be the one you are a little "Milton" about, possibly a sign out sheet. After all chargers do tend to get misplaced and you will want to be able to track it down to ensure you are the "go to desk" in your office.

Sadly being the "cool desk" can't get you away from the boss, especially if you missed the memo (1990) / email (2017).

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