So when was the last time you read a book? I guess the first questions should be when was the last time you had time to read a book? I find that if I am headed on a trip I always drag along some book I want to read. Twenty five years, twenty five trips and so far I can shamefully admit I have started at least 15 books but finished none. So why don't I keep reading when I get home?

It isn't that the books are boring. It is more that I plan to read on vacation. And then on vacation instead of laying around reading I end up doing fun vacation things. Then suddenly vacation is over and I never actually carved out enough reading time to finish a book. I have four books that I have taken with me on vacation since sometime before 2010. Each book is well worth the read however I have had to restart them so many time I have the first chapters memorized and I may never know how they end.

The four books I can't seem to finish are "Black Hills White Justice" which has had a roving book mark since before the year 2000. The next would be "Wicked" first started in 2003 and probably because I saw the play I stopped reading the book. Prince Lestat by Anne Rice has accompanied me on my last 3 vacations. And last year while circling the Grand Canyon I added "The Wisdom of the Native Americans."

And why is it that at home we prefer to binge watch instead of read. I love books and I love to read but I rarely find time or make time anymore. Some folks have suggested I read before bed. I did that a lot in my twenties but back then all I read was Danielle Steel books and lets face it you can read those in one night. I don't know about you but reading at night puts me to sleep before I finish the first paragraph.

I think this spring I am going to have to carve out a spot in the yard, sit myself down and read a book. Less screen time more book time - whose with me?


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