Who did what this weekend?

It was an action packed weekend for both me and Jess, which always makes 3 things that much more fun!

Every Monday Jess and I sit down before the show and go over our list of things we did over the weekend. We each take 3 things off of our lists and give them to you on the show in hopes that someone listening to the show can figure out who did what. Its a chance for you guys to get to know us a little better and a chance for us to get to know whoever calls in a little better.

If you missed it, here are the 3 things we did over the weekend:

Person one:

1. Watched "Friends From College"
2. Went to a 70th Birthday Party in New Jersey
3. Worked a 100th Birthday Party

Person two:

1. Found a birds nest
2. Went to New Jersey
3. Went to a Hudson Valley Renagades Game

So who did what?.....

Thanks for watching and make sure your listening for a truck update on tomorrows show. If you missed it, my truck wouldnt start this morning, not sure what is wrong with it but I will attempt to become a car mechanic once I get home today and yes I plan to video it so you can make fun of me for not knowing anything.

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