How did the first day of school go for you?

It's usually a pretty stressful day for kids and parents. For kids, they have new teachers, new classes and a new schedule. For parents, we just worry about everything.

I remember my first day of kindergarten as it was one of the worst days ever. First my mom dressed me like I was a little hippie boy with bell bottom pants and all. Probably the worst outfit ever but that wasn't the worst part. That happened when my mom went to leave me at school.

I remember getting out of the car and walking with her to the front of the school where one of the teachers were waiting to bring all the kids in. Once we got over to the teacher, my mom got down on one knee and told me to be a big boy and that she would be back to get me in a little while. I looked at her and started to cry like I have never cried before. I was yelling, hyper ventilating, DON'T LEAVE ME!!! I think it took 3 teachers to get me into the school and from what I can remember after about an hour of crying, I finally calmed down and before I knew it my mom was their to pick me up.

How did your first day of school go? Did your kids cry like me? Or maybe it was you that

Last night I asked my daughter Julianna how her first day of school went.....

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