As a kid, and if I'm being honest even as an adult, I have always wanted to solve a Rubik's Cube.

I don't harbor the certain skill set it takes to complete the Rubik's Cube, instead I twist it around in between my fingers until I make a pretty pattern. There are, however, a group of individuals who know exactly the right formula to match up all the colors and complete the puzzle. And they do it in record time.

The Youtube account DarkSideofTheCube recently posted a video of the Hudson Valley Rubik's Cube Fall Competition that took place on November 5th at Bard College. The competitors in the video, I assume, are all under the age of 18, which makes me reevaluate all my life choices and question my intelligence.

Take a look as local Hudson Valley kids complete a Rubik's Cube puzzle with a blind fold over their eyes, paper covering their hands and noise cancelling headphones on.

According to the World Cube Association, Patrick Ponce took home 1st place in numerous categories including blindfolded, one handed and with feet. Yes, you read that correctly...with.his.feet.

How fast can you solve a Rubik's Cube?


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