Most weekends I like heading out to one of the many trails we have here in the Hudson Valley.

This past weekend was no exception. A friend of mine was home for the weekend and wanted to do an easy hike so I suggested Bowdoin Park in Wappingers. I've been there plenty of times, love the easy trails and I  grew up visiting the park for field trips while in elementary school. One of the things I remember about the field trips is that the staff at Bowdoin would have tipi's set up to teach us about Native Americans and the difference between Iroquois and Algonquin Indians.

Every time I go to Bowdoin I look for the tipis but never found them and figured that it has been a pretty long time since my elementary school days so they're probably long gone. However, I took a trail that I haven't been on this weekend and found something that may be the tipi I was looking for:


I'm 94% sure that this was done by the staff for educational purpose, but the other 6% I'm reserving for speculation that the Blair Witch lives in the Hudson Valley.

Happy hiking!

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