Growing up if you ever spent any time at your grandparent's house, odds say that they had a bowl of these candies somewhere in the house.

One thing I think is something that needs to be brought back to every household in the Hudson Valley is the old-school candy dish. You remember the dish, right? The one that your grandmother or grandfather always had out on a table in their house that held some of our favorite candy.

Depending on your grandparent's candy likes would depend on what they put out for all to enjoy. I know my grandmother would put out those red and white peppermint hard candies because she loved them. I think she also put those out because most of us didn't like them and she knew we would not eat the bowl as soon as we got to her house.

What candy did your grandparents have laying around the house all the time? Here are the 11 most popular candies we came up with.

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