We're a couple weeks into 2017 and according to many news outlets, like the Huffington Post, Sunday January 3rd was the busiest day for online dating.

Yes, I've tried Tinder and Bumble and struck out several times. But hey I still have hope. While I'm over here swiping and researching dating data, I found an article about 10 unique first date ideas. The list the Huffington Post gave is pretty general, so I'm going to put my own Hudson Valley Twist on things.

If you're tired of just going out and grabbing a drink, dinner or coffee here's a list of 10 Unique Hudson Valley first date ideas. If you have some ideas or recommendations of your own, let us know on Facebook.


  • 1

    Explore a Different Neighborhood

    We have big cities and towns all throughout the Hudson Valley. Why not stop by one you haven't been to before? Like Hudson or Rhinebeck? They both are lined with small local shops and great restaurants. Check out Mexican Radio in Hudson or getting a meal at Beekman Arms.

  • 2

    Go on a Hike

    Breakneck. Mount Beacon, Minnewaska. The hiking options are endless around the Hudson Valley. Best time to go, in my opinion, is definitely during the fall.

  • 3

    Indulge in Hot Chocolate and Dessert

    Because I live in Dutchess County, I know for a fact that Cafe Aurora in the city of Poughkeepsie has the best hot chocolate. As for desserts, there are a handful of cafes and bakeries around the Hudson Valley you and your date just have to narrow down the choices.

  • 4

    Shoot Some Pool

    If you're competitive like me, Pool is the perfect first date activity. It isn't fast paced so you have time to talk to your date while still being active. Check out Juliet's in Poughkeepsie.

  • 5

    Find a Trivia Night

    I know about 4 DJs that you probably have listened to that host or have hosted trivia at one point or another. Myself included. Check out your favorite bar or restaurants schedule, they'll most likely have it on a specific night every week. And hey you could win a gift card and impress your date the next time around.

  • 6

    Visit an Aquarium

    Alright, so this one could be kind of tricky. There are no aquariums locally in the Hudson Valley. However, look up farms or sanctuaries in your area. You'll definitely scroll across one or two.

  • 7

    Play Darts

    I'm pretty sure any local bar you walk into will have a dart board. If not, why not try a bowling ally? Spins Bowl has opened up a few spots across the HV.

  • 8

    Go to a Comedy Show

    Carmine's Comedy Club, Laugh it Up Comedy Club and Jokers Comedy Club all have shows coming up with some hilarious comedians. If you can't make your date laugh, might as well have someone else try to.

  • 9

    Listen to Live Music

    We have some fantastic local bands that play at places like Newburgh Brewery, Billy Joe's and Mahoney's on during the weekends. Don't forget our bigger music venues like Bethel Woods, that's a pretty epic first date.

  • 10

    See a Minor League Team Play

    Obviously, it's a little cold to check out a baseball game, but during the summer taking a ride to Dutchess Stadium for a Renegades game makes for a perfect date night.

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