With more and more people telling me that I need to try online or app dating, I decided to give one of the two most popular dating apps (Tinder and Bumble) a try. For this test or look at or what ever you want to call it, maybe fact finding mission? I went with Bumble.

It was easy to set up. It is linked to your Facebook page to make sure that you are a real human and you can also integrate profile photos and personal info that you would like to share. There is also a feature that allows you to describe yourself in 140 characters or less.

Here is what I found out. Height is a big thing. It is interesting to see guys going out of their way to make sure they immediatly put how tall they are. Almost every profile I looked at included their height. As someone who is 5'2, I think that anyone who is 5'8 or taller is a kin to the Jolly Green Giant.

I was able to group most of the guys into the 10 following groups.

  1. Guys who do not write anything about themselves. Sure there is a photo (or ten) but no details.
  2. The guys with the naked chest or gym mirror or bathroom mirror selfie. Ok, we know you are fit, but maybe keep something for us to work for.
  3. The need to show us your Halloween costume. Lots of guys posting photos of themselves in the Halloween costumes. Is this to show your sense of humor? How easy going you are?
  4. Guys who list that they want to start out as friends and see where it goes. The LTR guy (Long Term Relationship) or the guy who is really forward and says that he is looking for a non-monogamous relationship. Way to go for putting it out there and letting people know where you stand, what you expect out of the relationship.
  5. The comedian. There were a few guys who were able to stand out in 140 characters or less. Extra props to the guy who offered to share his stash of Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. These guys are on to something. Make us laugh, you will probably get a swipe right.
  6. The amateur cook. Ladies, if you are looking for a guy who knows how to cook, not only for himself, but to make you a nice meal, there are LOTS of these guys on Bumble.
  7. There are guys who might be less than truthful about their age. The photos look like they are at least 10 or 15 years older than their age. The opposite of this is true as well. I asked one of my older aunts to sign up for Bumble as well. When she was looking through guys, she asked me why all these young looking guys are saying that they are 99 years old. I had to explain to her, that their profiles are linked to their Facebook page. On FB, they have their age as 99, so that was why they were showing up in her searches.
  8. There are guys who are show photos of themselves with other women. It would be ok, if they maybe mentioned those women weren't ex-wives or girlfriends. However, the photos with their grandmother or their mom are very sweet.
  9. Guys who are vetted. Ok, what does that mean? It means that they submitted their photos to Bumble and that they are 'real'. It doesn't mean that the other guys are not real, but it is just helpful.
  10. Guys who don't respond to messages. So, you have matched with a guy and you have 24 hours to make the first contact. Over the course of the two weeks I was on the app, I matched with 5 guys. I reached out to all 5 of those guys, only to have none, yep zero, respond.

I know that dating and trying to meet people is pretty much a numbers game. The more people you are around and the more people you meet, you are more likely to meet 'the one'.

Have you had success with dating apps or online? Which sites have you used?

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