Sometimes I question the decisions I make early in the morning.

For example, this morning I turned over my Tinder account to CJ. Yes, CJ. Who consistently reminds me that I'm single. I think I feel more pressure to settle down from CJ than I do my own mother (Haha, just kidding. Their tied.). For those of you who don't know, Tinder is a dating app. At first it was a creepy "hook up" app, but now it's actually a legitimate dating app. I know several couples, including some of our listeners, who are in serious relationships that have started on Tinder.

Anyhow,it's not that dating is going bad it's just not going anywhere. So we figured with the Taste of Country Music Festival two days away I should think about bringing a date.My friends have been suggesting I let CJ try and find my future boyfriend since he always has something to say about it. So, this was his shot. How'd he do? Well...

I'm still single.

CJ's opening line to a match? "You like I like food let's date." Come on now, CJ. I have more game than that! Whatever. There's always Taste of Country. Jake Owen, one of the Swon Brothers maybe one of the cuties from Old Dominion has to be single, right?

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