The temptation might be great, but in the end it's better to abide by the rules.

The Department of Environmental Conservation is reporting that a 10-point buck was taken in Dutchess County. It would have been a great hunt however, it was done illegally.

Environmental Conservation Officer  Zachary Crain had received a tip about a 10 point buck being shot in the Town of Poughkeepsie, the tip also mentioned that the man who shot the buck keeps a feeder in his backyard filled with bird seed.

When Crain made it to the residence he asked the man to see the buck, which was hanging in the garage and not properly tagged, responded by saying "Are you going to ticket me for my bird feeders?"

The suspect then explained that he was heading out to hunt in Hyde Park when he saw the buck walking away from the feeder and couldn't resist.

The man not only had a feeder, but a game camera set up approximately 10 feet from said feeder. After seeing where the deer was shot, ECO Crain cited the man for "hunting before legal shooting hours, improperly tagged deer and illegal take of protected wildlife with the aid of pre-established bait," all citations are returnable to the Town of Poughkeepsie Justice Court.

With hunting season in full swing, make sure you're up on deer hunting laws.

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