Just in time for Valentine's Day Oreo Cookie has released what might be the yummiest Oreo to date or not if you listen to online critics. I could not believe my eyes when I rounded the grocery store isle and directly in front of me was Oreo's newest decedent version of the Oreo cookie, Chocolate Covered Strawberry. Apparently they have been available since December 2016.

This flavor is a limited edition so don't wait if you want to try them before they are all gone. I didn't indulge in the Oreo purchase during that particular trip to the grocery because I am actually still trying to eat all the White Chocolate Oreos I binged bought over the Christmas holiday. The White Chocolate dipped Oreo is my favorite Oreo so when it arrives on shelves in December I stock up. 2016 was also the year I was introduced to the Cinnamon Bun flavor which is running a close second the the White Chocolate flavor. Once I am done with my current stash of Oreos you bet I will be willing to try the newest flavor.

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