Do any of these songs uplift you?

If you having a bad day and are looking for a way to turn it around, music can do it for you and it's now scientifically proven, according to the Telegraph.

Yes science has proven that a good song can really make you feel better. You know those days where everything seems to be negative and you flip on the radio and you hear that one song that gets you outta that funk. Think windows down, sun shinning and that one song blasting on the radio.

What song is blasting on your radio?

According to a neuroscientist who conducted a study a few years ago to determine the 10 most uplifting songs and to make it work, he focused on technical things, such lyrical theme, musical key, and tempo.

These 10 songs are the "10 Most Uplifting Songs," according to science:

1. "Don't Stop Me Now", Queen
2. "Dancing Queen", ABBA
3. "Good Vibrations", The Beach Boys
4. "Uptown Girl", Billy Joel
5. "Eye of the Tiger", Survivor
6. "I'm a Believer", The Monkees
7. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", Cyndi Lauper
8. "Living on a Prayer", Bon Jovi
9. "I Will Survive", Gloria Gaynor
10. "Walking on Sunshine", Katrina & the Waves

Honestly maybe one or two of those pick me up...ABBA, really?

If you had to pick three songs that uplift you, what songs would you choose?

My 3 are in no particular order:

Jason Aldean- Hicktown
Anything Led Zeppelin
AC/DC- Thunderstruck

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