The 1969 Woodstock Music Festival was a weekend dedicated to love and music and it became one of the biggest moments in pop culture and music history.

Mind-Blowing Facts About the Original Woodstock Music Festival

The history of the original Woodstock Music Festival is so interesting to me. Just thinking about all these amazing musicians in one place with so many fans gathering just blows my mind.

However, created a list of some of the more unknown facts about the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival that made the event even more interesting.

For instance one of my favorite facts: There were only 600 porta-potties.

While that sounds like a lot, it's not when you put it up next to the 500,000 people who attended Woodstock. Stacker explains there was only 1 toilet for every 833 Woodstock-goers.

Festival Crowd
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Some more fun facts about the festival? 186,000 tickets were sold in advance for $18 a ticket. According to Stacker, a Woodstock ticket would cost around $120 today.  However, with that being said 300,000 extra people showed up which as Stacker explains "spelled out a problem for the event's organizers" who told authorities in Bethel that "no more than 50,000 people were expected to show up."

Who Was the Highest-Paid Performer at The Original Woodstock Music Festival?

32 rock and roll legends performed on that historic stage including Crosby, Still, Nash & Young, The Grateful Dead, Joan Baez, and Jefferson Airplane.

The highest paid was Jimi Hendrix, who made $18,000. Stacker writes "Blood, Sweat & Tears and Joan Baez were paid the second- and third-most paid, at $15,000 and $10,000, respectively. "

Deaths, Arrests, & Births at Woodstock

Considering how many people attended the Woodstock Music Festival, you'd think the number of arrests would be in the hundreds, right? Surprisingly, only 80 arrests were made at the festival. Mostly for drugs, as Stacker explained " most of the 80 arrests were drug charges for harder drugs, like LSD, amphetamines, and heroin."

2 babies were allegedly born at the festival. 1 baby was born at a hospital after the mother was airlifted out by helicopter, the other allegedly was born in a car while waiting in traffic.

Sadly, 2 people died at the Original Woodstock Music Festival. One death was reported as a drug overdose, the other death was by a tractor. A fan fell asleep in a sleeping bag under the tractor which was later started by the owner who had no idea, and crushed the festival goer.

Woodstock HItchers
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While there were no acts of violence between fans, there was one incident that ended in injury. The 1 sole injury actually took place on stage, Stacker writes  "there was an altercation on-stage as Abbie Hoffman grabbed the mic during a set by The Who. Hoffman bellowed about freeing Peter Sinclair from jail, but was cut short by Who guitarist Pete Townsend, who used his own guitar to hit Hoffman upside the head while shouting "Get off my stage!""

Visit for more crazy facts about the Original Woodstock Music Festival.

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