Let's face it: lately, it's the small things that matter. Ever since we went on pause in March, the easy things have become more challenging and the hard things have become somewhat overwhelming. No matter what you are trying to do, it seems you have to do a little more preparation these days. This is why I am completely surprised by the project I accomplished this weekend with very little effort.

Let me start with the back story. When I moved into my house, along with the amazing gardens, my house came with a ridiculous amount of birdhouses. Over time, those birdhouses have rotted into "Zombie Bird Homes." Every year I swear I am going to either make or buy new birdhouses and every year that project never gets done.

All that said, imagine my excitement when I drove by my neighbor's house this weekend and saw they were selling homemade birdhouses. It was like fate. A row of birdhouses at the end of a driveway just waiting to be hung up in a yard. And it actually gets even better. My neighbor wasn't selling them, they were actually taking donations for a food pantry. On my first drive by I had no cash so after running errands I grabbed cash and drove past their house again to pick up my new birdhouse. So easy and so random. Suddenly a project that had been so hard to accomplish was done and for a good cause.

Well, okay not quite done. I still have to hang it. But again I got lucky because Roy, the man who installed all the original birdhouses, used top quality materials when mounting them. Probably why they stayed up all these years despite their condition. Anyway, I was able to use the poll and all the hardware from the old house to put the new house up.

photo by PQ

So in a time when some "easy" things feel like they are in the "hard" basket, it seems other things have become much easier. The simple things suddenly aren't so hard. Maybe because we aren't overthinking them. And you know what? They feel much more gratifying.

photo by PQ
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