Valentine's Day is a week away, do you know what you are getting your special someone? A card is always nice. A delicious box of chocolates can say I Love You nicely.Dinner at a favorite restaurant is always a welcome gift. Jewelry works for some people. And of course flowers are also a great way to go. But let's say you want to mix it up a little this year.

Let's say you want to incorporate chocolate, food and flowers with a bit of fun and yum all at the same time. If this is true then you are the perfect person to give chocolate dipped bacon roses this year. That's right I said roses made of bacon that are dipped in chocolate. Who doesn't want to get those for Valentine's day.

It is probably a good idea to still get jewelry, a card and plan dinner but let's face it bacon roses dipped in chocolate say "I love you so much I am willing to share the best snack ever with you" and make it holiday appropriate. Happy Valentines Day. The video below walks you through the process so you can make them because I don't think these can be FTD'd

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