The last few months we have done a lot of talking about essential workers. We have also thanked them for their service during the pandemic. They have been there doing their jobs day in and day out and we are all very grateful. But consider this, when we talk about essential workers sometimes those people are actually volunteers. A group that is top of mind for me today is our local volunteer firefighters.

Firefighters in the Hudson Valley are very often volunteers but that doesn't keep them from being there when we need them to be. We are lucky to have so many amazing volunteer fire departments in the Hudson Valley. One of those departments today shared something on Facebook that I wanted to share with you. The Modena Fire & Rescue posted a noticed about how to become a volunteer firefighter.

They asked? "Have a desire to serve in your community? Want to help your neighbors in their time of need? We are always welcome to new members. From Apparatus Drivers to Firefighters, EMTs to Ambulance Drivers and Helpers, we will find a fit for you!" So what do you think, could you become an essential volunteer?

Their post included a link to Fire In You and organization that can get you the training you need to become a part of a volunteer department.  If you have ever wanted to volunteer to help your community in a vital way, becoming a volunteer firefighter is a perfect way help. Even if you don't think you can be a firefighter there are other ways you can help your volunteer department help your community.

Check in at your local fire house and see how you can help. You might find out your more qualified than you think.


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