LEGOLAND New York has officially opened in Goshen, and that’s exciting news for the Hudson Valley on so many levels. It’s brought tons of jobs to the area, it will bring money spending tourists to the area, and we have a fun family spot practically in our backyard.

How would you and your family like to be the stars of a LEGOLAND photo shoot? This is the opportunity of a lifetime that will create awesome memories for you and your family. Hudson Valley Casting is looking for families of all types, genders, representations and ethnicities and abilities. They’re hoping to cast actual 4 family units, but anyone and everyone can apply. Families will provide their own wardrobes, so plan on something that you’d wear to have fun in the park. The photo shoot will consist of all still photos.

There will be outdoor activities involved in the photo shoot, and children should be older than 6 years and younger than 11. Children will need to obtain a Child Performer Work Permit if your family is chosen for the photo shoot. You must be available both June 22 and June 23, and the dates may change due to weather. The photo shoots will be 12 hours each day, with a fee of $300 a day for adults and $200 a day for children. See the Hudson Valley Casting/Heidi Eklund Casting website for all of the details, and to apply for the photo shoot.

LEGOLAND New York in Goshen is already a dream come true, but imagine how cool it would be to have your family represent them in a photo shoot. And have fun and get paid for it, too. Memories for a lifetime.

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