It should not surprise Hudson Valley residents that bears are common here in New York. But if we're being honest with ourselves, when we see one it usually takes us by surprise.

There have been a handful of sightings throughout the Hudson Valley from Dutchess County to Orange and Ulster Counties.

On Monday, May 28th 2018, Eric Pacella had to do a little traffic patrol for what looks like a young black bear. Eric tells us that around 7:15pm at the exit for I-84 off 17K, he spotted a small black bear. He stopped his car and then stopped another to let the bear cross over.

Pacella says it's the " First time I've seen one around here. We were camping in Lake George all weekend and I said to somebody I can't believe I've never seen a bear camping, then I come home and there he was."

The DEC urges those who do encounter a bear, to leave it alone and call 911.

Could this little guy be part of the bear crew spotted last week in Orange County?

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