I never would have guessed that this college was the place to party. To be honest, I almost forgot it existed.

I mean absolutely no disrespect if this is your alma mater but I honestly forgot about this gem of a college not very far from the Hudson Valley. I doubt I'm the only one. Die hard college sports fans must always have this campus in mind.

What name has more authority in the sports world right now than Barstool? Barstool recently shared a list that was reportedly compiled by the Higher American Institute of Learning. The map ranks the best college tailgates in each state.

What schools have strong athletic teams in New York come to mind? I immediately think of Syracuse or even the West Point Black Knights or the University of Albany Great Danes.

Which school likes to party the hardest on game day? Barstool shared the map HERE.

When you look at New York on that map there's a good chance you have no idea what the 'F' stands for. I'm ashamed to admit that I even had to look up that logo.

I was floored to find out that the biggest tailgating school in New York was Fordham. You have got to be as shocked as I was. The Rams? Really? Most of Fordham's sports teams are in division 1 of the NCAA.

Does Fordham pregame better than the rest? They aren't that far from here. Have you ever been to a tailgate in the Bronx?

Which university in New York do you think has the best tailgates? Have you been to any?


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