If you would rather be outside than anyplace else, if you have the ability to stay calm in emergency situations, and/or you have always wanted a job that would give back to people as well as the environment, then being a New York State Forest Ranger could be the job for you. Good news, they're hiring and the starting salary isn't too shabby.

The bad news is that you need to apply to take the exam for either a Forest Ranger or Environmental Conservation Police Officer by Wednesday, October 5. The application must be postmarked with this date, or you can apply on-line.

While the application has all of the details you'll need, some of the requirements to apply are that you must have a certain number of hours in course work regarding environmental science or work experience in the natural resources management field. In addition, according to the New York State Department of Civil Service, you must be a resident of New York State and be at least twenty years of age.

Imagine being able to call the great outdoors your office.