When was the last time you visited one of the many breathtaking New York State Parks? According to the New York State Parks website, there are 180 parks across the state, along with 35 historic sites, but over the last few months there has been a change, and you might not have noticed it.

The New York State Parks have begun to phase out their Comfort Stations. Is this a big deal? What is a comfort station and what is going to happen now? Anything?

What is a Comfort Station?


So, what is a Comfort Station? It is a term that you might not be familiar with, but if you have ever visited one of the parks, you might have partaken in one. A Comfort Station is essentially a bathroom, and in some instances, there are also showers available (depending on the park). What is happening with these comfort stations and will this affect your New York State Parks experience?

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What is happening with the Comfort Stations at New York State Parks?


Are the bathrooms going away at New York State Parks going away? No, they are not. The New York State Parks are changing the name of the Comfort Station, and over the last few months (and ongoing) they have started the process of changing the name and the signage. What are the Comfort Stations going to be called going forward? Restrooms, and rest areas. They will still offer the same amenities, just with a different name.

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