Between now and Friday you have two chances everyday to win $1000 dollars. CJ and Jess have the Wolf code for you every morning and then Beth Christy has it again for you in the afternoon. My job is to remind you to listen so that you don't miss the code and your chance to win the cash.

I was thinking about what I would do if I won the money. One Thousand dollars might not go as far as you need it too, but it would make a pretty good dent. I wouldn't want to spend it on bills. My rule about "found money" is at least a part of it has to be "fun Money." Which means you must spend it on something fun.

Imagine spending it on penny candy. That would be 100,000 pieces of candy. Of course good lucky finding any penny candy now a days. For me it could be 1000 cups of coffee from McDonald's. It could also be 90 bottles of my favorite wine. Or 100 of my favorite cocktails, tip no included. So think about it. Whatever you love, price it out divided into 1000 and see what you could buy if you win with the Wolf Cash Code.

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