I had no idea that you could stuff a brussel sprout. I love brussel sprouts with everything. They are little yummy cabbages if you ask me, but I realize most people need them roasted with tasty things like butter, bacon and other flavorful items that would distract from their natural bitter taste. So imagine my thrill when I discovered you can stuff a sprout. You would think it was hard but not really and I think I may even add a little crab meat to my stuffing to give my sprouts and even bigger punch.

I found this recipe on You Tube from Cooking Stoned. Jerry James Stone has done the unthinkable he has come up with an easy way to remove the center of the sprout so you can stuff it and he has an amazing stuffing recipe.This stuffing recipe is very veggie friendly but like I said, if you want you can add something to the stuffing if you feel the sprouts need a boost. I think this recipe has it all but if you must have bacon or even crab with your sprouts I say just add it to the mix. I am actually thinking a seafood stuffing could be my choice. I love crab stuffing in everything so why not in a brussel sprouts.

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