Right now if you were to drive out of the village of New Paltz toward the Ridge you would pass a field full of pumpkins. There are so many pumpkins you can actually see them from the other side of the Wallkill River. Two thoughts came to mind when I saw this, first why are all those pumpkins out there? And second wow that is a lot of leftover pumpkins.

It got me thinking why would a farm have that many leftover pumpkins and why would you leave them out in the field to rot. I did think that they make great deer and critter snacks but that is a generous amount of pumpkins to leave around just to feed the wild life. I was thinking it was awful nice of Wallkill View Farm to put out all those pumpkins as animal snacks but I realized there has to be another reason.

Realizing that there was probably a more practical reason I figured I should do some research to find out why a farm might leave what appears to be thousands of pumpkins out in a field to rot. Turns out there is a very simple reason, its because pumpkins make great fertilizers. So if you are driving around farm country in the Hudson Valley and you come across a field that has pumpkins scattered everywhere, it is not a forgot pumpkin patch it is most likely a field full of animal treats and organic fertilizer.

Below I have included a button link to how to grow pumpkins if you decide you want to do that next year. I am sort of curious if any of the pumpkin's seeds left in the field for fertilizer grow in to next years Halloween Pumpkins. I will have to make note to look next year. But I am going with not likely being that the field I see covered in pumpkins right now ends up being full of corn every year.

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