The reason behind these happy logs in the Hudson Valley has got a lot of people stumped but I may have found the answer.

These creepy smiling logs have been popping up all over the Hudson Valley since July. Witnesses have claimed to see them often in Orange County in towns like Newburgh, Goshen, Cornwall and even New Windsor. What's the reason behind the latest phenomenon? Is it simply a prank or is there a much more nefarious?

Credit: Robert Malcolm
Credit: Robert Malcolm

Being a strong believer in the occult I looked heavily into these tree stumps in hopes that there may be a supernatural reason behind them. Could they be products of satanism, witchcraft or something else straight from the macabre? Who knows? Do we have a druid in the house?

As much as I'd hope for a spooky story sometimes the simplest reason is the most likely.

My theory is that these trees are copies of an art project out of Dresden that was publicized in 2012. Similar smiling faces were put on trees by German artists as a narrative for dying nature.

What's the real reason behind these happy trees? Only few may ever know.

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