This could be a tough question depending on the person, right?

By now most of us have heard about the "situation" that took place back on January 6th at the Capital in Washington D.C. The situation involved protesters that were doing what they could to hold up the ratification of President-elect Joe Biden's Electoral College victory over President Trump in the 2020 election.

As protesters stormed the Capital building, one of them has been identified as Will Pepe from Beacon. Now before you start looking to see if you have seen him anywhere in the Valley, he is in custody, and has been suspended by his employer, Metro North.

There is no word on who or how Pepe was apprehended, but it's an interesting question. If you worked with someone that you saw in an online picture that was caught committing a crime, would you turn them in? Would you point authorities in the direction of that person if there was a nice reward being offered?

I'm assuming that some of this guys family, friends and possibly coworkers had to ask themselves this same question, and with him in custody I think the answer is pretty clear. Someone had to say something. Would you?

For me I think there are a bunch of different factors that come into play. One being, how well do I know the person? I don't think I would turn a close friend or family member, but I do think I would do what I could to talk them into turning themselves in. If it was just a coworker that I don't really have that much of a connection with, I think I would say something to the right people so that they could be brought in.

Second, I think the type of crime they committed would have a lot to do with me "snitching" or not. If someone committed murder, no question. I'm turning them in. Same with anything involving a sex crime or anything with children or abuse. If they robbed a bank, I would most likely say something...I think...LOL!

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