Are these the worst traffic lights to wait for a green light in the Hudson Valley?

We've all been there one time or another, you are driving along and as you approach an intersection, the traffic light turns red. Nothing out of the ordinary, but what happens when you stop at the red light and you wind up sitting there for what feels like an hour?

Earlier this week we shared some helpful information that drivers can use the next time they are stuck at a red light to try and get it to turn green faster. Most of the tricks won't make the light turn green quicker but you do want to make sure the light knows you are sitting there....LOL!

Read more about that here: Stuck at a Red Light in the Hudson Valley?

Google Maps
Google Maps

Worst Hudson Valley Traffic Lights

After researching traffic lights and finding some of the things we should look for, I wondered if anyone else has a specific intersection/traffic light that they get stuck at sometimes that gives them the "I've been here forever" feeling. You know the intersection I'm talking about, you pull up to a red light and it takes forever to turn green.

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For me, there's an intersection in Poughkeepsie near CVS on Route 9 and Spackenkill Rd, and every time I get stuck at the light I get that feeling! There have been a few times I sat on Spackenkill Rd waiting so long, I think the light for Route 9 turned green twice! UGH!!!

What Does the Hudson Valley Say?

"Is there a traffic light in the Hudson Valley that has a longer-than-normal wait time when it's red? What intersection or road is the worst?"

Take a look at the intersections that were suggested to us! If you don't the intersection that you think should be included let me know CJ@HUDSONVALLEYCOUNTRY.COM

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