Once sweater weather arrives, sock weather is never far behind. Socks are just sweaters for your feet. The real question about socks is not when to wear them but which ones to wear. Cotton vs. Wool a long time battle of the socks.

In my opinion the only thing worse than cold feet is itchy feet. Wool socks can be the reason your feet are warm but itchy. Cotton socks keep your feet warm as along as they don't get damp from sweaty feet. Sweaty feet means damp feet and that means cold feet are inevitable.

So do you have a preference? Wool will keep you warmer than cotton but cotton doesn't itch. Of course there are exceptions to the statement I just made. According to Wing Tip cheap wool socks itch. good ones don't. As a matter of fact Wing Tip has a great breakdown when it comes to war of cotton vs wool. Wool socks will give you heat retention but cotton socks are breathable.

So as we head into sock weather maybe stock up on both types of socks and see were the winter weather takes you. Side note socks with leather bottoms are not socks they are sweater shoes and if they are wool they are itchy.


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