So we talked cauldrons and brooms so now lets look at the hat. Truth be told most witches don't and didn't wear hats. No one can really trace the roots of the black pointed hat that has become associated with Witches and Halloween. There are quite a few theories. Some have said it hearkens back to hats worn by Puritans. Some even feel that it was forced upon someone believed to be a witch so they could be labeled sort of like a scarlet letter.

The fact that the black conical shaped hat with a wide brim has become symbolic of a Witch most like has to do with the fact that it started showing up in popular stories. It was always part of fashion for characters that were consider magical or even evil. It seems the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz sealed the deal. She was pretty terrifying with or without the hat.

So instead of focusing on what maybe a false fashion trend for our wicked friends, I say lets give the black hat it's due as an awesome accessory and most certainly include it on the treat table at your next Halloween bash.

Homemade Halloween cookies, witch's hats
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