Sadly, we have all heard about our elderly population that has been shut off from family, friends and visitors since the pandemic broke out. Some of the first stories we heard about COVID-19 had to do with how nursing homes, care facilities and living residences had to tell families to stop visiting. To date many of our seniors are still limited to who can visit.

Just this past week the state of New York started allowing people to visit nursing homes and long term care facilities again but with a lot of restriction. Understandably the folks who live at these type of places are very susceptible to COVID-19 so it is important that they continue to practice as much caution as they can while still allowing people to visit with each other.

So you may be asking why I am bring this up today? Simple I got an email earlier that contained a amazing idea. Something maybe we should have been doing since March when New York went on Shutdown but we definitely should do it now. Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro has purposed that we take a moment and brighten someone's day. He has suggested that we send greeting cards to residence in nursing homes and long term care facilities. They are calling it the Dutchess County Nursing Home Homemade Card Program.

Who doesn't love getting a greeting card. It won't matter that you may not know the person. Think of it as smiling at someone you encounter on the street. You don't know them your just trying to be friendly and in turn maybe your reminding them that the world does care. It is a perfect random act of kindness.

The email included the addresses of two facilities but feel free to look up one near you. I would address to "Some One Special" but "you do you" and address it to whomever you choose. I am confident that the staff will make sure it gets to someone who could use a smile and a card.

 1 - Baptist Home - The Community at Brookmeade - 46 Brookmeade Road - Rhinebeck,  New York 12572.

2 - Wingate at Beacon - 10 Hastings Drive - Beacon, New York 12508

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