What is a K.I.S.S program and why should every senior New York State resident know about it? The K.I.S.S program stands for Keeping Identities of Seniors Safe. The seniors that they are referring to are our Senior Citizens or Senior Americans.

Every year Columbia County New York goes out of their way to provide free shredding services to seniors. When will this service be offered in 2023, and where can seniors bring their items to be shredded?

Where in Columbia County can Seniors bring their items to be shredded?

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Where can you bring your items to be shredded? In Columbia County every one of the town halls are drop-off points for your items. In advance of you bringing your items to the town hall, contact them directly to make sure that they are going to be open to receive your items. You will be able to bring your items during the period of 3/13/23-3/24/23. 

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What type of documents can you bring to the K.I.S.S. event?

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A good rule of thumb to use when it comes to shredding an item(s) is that 'if it has your name, address, or account number on it and you don't need it anymore you will want to go ahead and shred it.

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Keep in mind, shredding can be a better way to get rid of these paper items, because if someone where to get ahold of your information, it could potentially be used for nefarious purposes.

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