I know I'm not alone, but I can't wait to get back to gym. I had just gotten into the groove of going every day and then, boom. COVID happened.

Here in New York we're still waiting on word on when our gyms will open back up.

In the mean time people are doing what they can to stay healthy. There are so many outlets like these new online classes and zoom fitness instructors. But are they our new forever?

While I'm looking forward to getting back to the gym, many people don't feel the same. According to CNBC.com, TD Ameritrade conducted a survey of over 2,000 people recently and asked if they would be going back/renewing their gym membership once the pandemic is over?

Shockingly, 59% of those who took the survey said they don't plan on renewing their memberships. 56% said it was because the pandemic actually helped them find more affordable options.

Personally, I knew that if I were to just sit around at home it wouldn't end up well for me mentally and physically. So, I started running and buying at home workout equipment.

We asked Wolf listeners to reach out and let us know what their plans were when it comes to going back to the gym.

It looks like a few people had the same idea of creating their own gym at home. Dawn from Highland texted us and shared the following:

We starting putting together a gym in our home prior to the pandemic. But.. since then we have found so many ways that are not only more affordable, but more enjoyable!! Hiking, biking and apps like FitOn, All trails, Pinterest for all kinds of workout ideas And even splits training have made exercise much more fun!! No more gym for us!

Marlene from Middletown says she's unsure saying "Not sure but it will take time before I feel safe to go back."

We also had a listener share that if they have to wear a mask there's no way they could workout like that, making breathing even more difficult.

What do your post pandemic plans look like? Will you be going back to the gym?


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