My dog Dallas doesn't want any part of this carrier thing.

My wife and I decided a few weeks ago that this year we are going to take a trip to Florida at the end of March and we decided that we are going to drive this year instead of flying.

Yes, me, my wife Jamie, Jackson, Julianna and our new puppy Dallas are all going. And Dallas is why we are driving in the first place: Jamie didn't want to leave her home so we are gonna load up and hit the road at the end of the month with Florida as our destination. I know what you're thinking--the movie National Lampoon's Vacation and yes, I plan on stopping at some of the landmarks along the way. I just wish I had a station wagon with wood paneling to drive.

To get us ready for our first really long road trip with a dog, Jamie ordered a dog carrier off of Amazon and when it was delivered to the house we had to see if Dallas would fit into it and well, it took a little while to get her to cooperate....

She seemed OK, right? I don't know is it too small? At least we have some time to figure it out.

Thanks for watching!

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