Say cheese! It sounds tedious and maybe a little vain but could the simple act of using a pre-planned photography save a lot of time at the DMV.

Imagine living in a world where you can actually be happy with the picture on your driver's license. In fact, you wouldn't just like it. You would love it.

There is currently a bill in the California Senate that will allow people to supply the Department of Motor Vehicles your own picture instead of waiting in line to have that person behind the desk take six awkward photos of you only to pick the worst one. Beauty does have a price though. It will cost a small extra fee to use your own photo.


So far, California is the only place where it's on the books but if it proves to be efficient and make the state some extra money we could see it pop up more.

Should this practice become a trend in the state of New York? Could you imagine your best-filtered selfie straight from your Instragram account to appear on your license?

Nobody enjoys spending any more time at the DMV than they have to. How much time could it save to walk in there with picture in hand?

Start working on your best duck face.


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