UPDATE: The state Board of Regents has announced the cancellation of most Regents exams this year. That means many students must only pass their courses to advance to the next grade or graduate. However, they're still scheduled to take four federally mandated tests on the topics of algebra, English, living environment and earth science. Officials are hoping the federal government will grant the state a waiver making students exempt from those exams.

Students, parents and teachers alike are anticipating an answer in regards to Regents exams in the state as we continue dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The New York State Education Department will be meeting on March 15th for the Board of Regents meeting with the U.S. Department of Education to propose cancel the remaining exams for the 2020-2021 school year. If the State Education Department can't get the federal approval to waive testing, they are planning on administering only four exams out of ten.

To fulfill the federal requirement to test students in ELA, math and science, the four tests that would be given in June would be algebra, English, living environment and earth science. These four tests would be the first administered in the state since January of 2020.

The remaining six will be canceled regardless of the final decision on testing waivers. The SED is also planning to propose canceling all August regents.

Since the Regents exams were canceled in 2020, students earned graduation credit if they passed the given courses. The SED is planning to propose graduation requirements, and that Regents exams not be required for those graduating this spring.

If the meeting with the USDOE goes well, it is likely Regents will be canceled. However, it was indicated in a letter to school districts last week from the USDOE that they do not plan to grant the waivers - meaning New York is responsible for fulfilling at least those four tests requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Despite this, the state DOE understands that 2020-2021 is not the best time to administer tests of this capacity, citing in their latest letter that assessments cannot be "safely, equitably, and fairly administered to all students."

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