His quick thinking was able to save a young student. What do you think you would be able to do in this same situation? Would you be able to help? Or, would you freeze?

I was on Facebook the other day and came across an incredible story that took place at Balmville Elementary School and involved their security officer, Officer Almodovar.

What happened?

According to the post, it started out as a normal day at Balmville Elementary, but then it quickly changed. A 5th-grade student named Ariana Miranda was eating oranges when all of a sudden a small piece became lodged in her throat. Miranda started walking over to the garbage can to try to get it out and Officer Almodovar noticed she was hunched over and that she was struggling.

A hero steps in:

Officer Almodovar tried to communicate with Miranda, but she was reportedly not able to. He immediately stepped in and started to do the Heimlich Maneuver, after 2 or 3 pumps, she stopped choking and was able to speak. Right after the incident, Officer Almodovar and Ariana walked down to the nurse's office together and she was checked out further, wow.

A brave student:

The post said Ariana was a bit shaken up from the incident but felt fine after. She also reportedly mentioned how lucky she was at that moment.

Newburgh Enlarged City School District Facebook
Newburgh Enlarged City School District Facebook

Training and support:

Some quick thinking! Officer Almodovar said he had received first-aid training during his time with the NYPD.  The principal of the school also mentioned that they are blessed and grateful to have Officer Almodovar in their school.

Thank you Officer Almodovar for your bravery, quick thinking, and for keeping the students at Balmville Elementary School safe. We appreciate your efforts very much.

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