Ah yes, the question I ask myself every year when I'm climbing the ladder to hang lights on the gutter. Will I hurt myself this year?

Is this the year I hurt myself while attempting to be festive and make my house look fancy? I'll admit, I've come close a few times in recent years. Once I climbed up on the roof and accidentally kicked the ladder to the ground. Yup, just me stranded on the roof yelling for someone to help me out.

As we get closer to Christmas, I think about how I don't possess the necessary items to actually do the things I do every year when I decorate, like the proper ladder for instance. But, I want to see the smiles on my kid's faces when they see how nice it all comes out in the end.

Each year, I try to do more than the year before, which usually involves more climbing, stretching, and more opportunities for me to end up like Clark Griswald hanging from the damn gutter. That wouldn't be a good look.

While it's a lot of work to decorate the whole house with lights, it does look good when you're finished. Perhaps I could just get one of those fancy spotlight lights that have color holiday designs, but that seems like the easy way out.

Either way, keep your fingers crossed for me, that I don't end up breaking my leg, or worse by falling off the roof. Any tips are greatly appreciated.

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